Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zebra Striped Cake

Hi guys, I wanted to share another cake I made awhile back for my neighbor's daughters 11th birthday. She wanted a not so "little" anymore cake and it was such a delight sitting with her in my living room one afternoon listening to her ideas and how she wanted this cake to look like. The result, a "chic" zebra striped cake!

I had seen various methods of applying the zebras stripes on a cake before, (I distinctly remember an episode of the CakeGirls painting freehand zebra stripes on a shoe box) but since I'm not so good at drawing I wasn't going to begin to attempt to draw now. It definitely spiked my interest to pursue new techniques. But what I will share with you is how I ended up putting the Zebra stripes on this cake. Since, my painting abilities were zero to none I decided to try another technique that I had also seen. The only problem. It didn't work, or at least it just didn't work for me at the moment. I found myself with barely anytime left to finish this cake. Phew! Thank goodness it came out alright.

Well, for starters, I decided to roll out my fondant that was going to cover the cake. Once rolled out I covered it with saran wrap to avoid from drying out. Then I cut the zebra stripes by hand and started applying them to the rolled out fondant and then rolled the fondant one more time to blend the two together. It looked beautiful! Just like a printed zebra fabric. When it was time to apply it to the cake the fondant started to crack and cause elephant skin. AHHH!!! There was nothing I could do. I ripped it off and started again, this time covering the cake complete and then adding the stripes one by one. Lots and lots of fondant wasted. Lesson learned! I'm sure this technique works best if you have a  fondant sheeter or maybe it was the humidity that day. I'm not quite sure what happened so if anyone has tried this technique and it has worked for you I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time, and thanks for looking!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I did a zebra cake once and that also came out cracked... I think I just took too long with the fondant. I much prefer buttercream! :-)
    Have a great day!

  2. Your welcome. I too, am into buttercreamed cakes lately. I do love the flawless look of fondant but I've since gotten pretty good at icing my buttercream to seamless perfection ( I posted an image on my FB fan page). I'll have to post one soon. As for the cracked fondant that's my guess as well. I saw Buddy Valastro doing this once, but of course he had a sheeter.


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